Neuer TICAB RA-800 Asphaltrecycler

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Typ Asphaltrecycler
Baujahr 06/2019
Erstzulassung 2019-06
Volumen 0.8 m³
Nettogewicht 1650 kg
Standort Polen 35-105 Rzeszów
Anzeigendatum Aug 23, 2019
Autoline ID NR14249


Abmessungen 5.9 m × 2.4 m × 2.19 m
Achsenanzahl 2
Zustand neu
Original - Lackierung
TÜV bis 2020
Farbe schwarz

Weitere Informationen:

Recycler is designed for the regeneration of harvested the cold or lumpy material previously used. It allows you to provide a continuous process of repair throughout the year. Within a few minutes of solid asphalt, cold asphalt mixture lumpy asphalt turns into plastic suitable for laying the hot mix. Installation of asphalt heats to a predetermined temperature during the work on repairing coatings. Productivity: 800 kg of asphalt for 20 min.

Features: Consumption of diesel burner : 3.5 liters . for one processing cycle (20 min. ) Consumption of gasoline 1 liter. for one processing cycle (20 min.)
Device for regeneration, delivery and storage of the mixture, may produce up to 800 kg of high-quality hot mix every 20 minutes.
- from pieces of scrap or waste asphalt cold milling
- from materials prepared in advance.
The name Value
Management type Manual
Productivity of asphalt 2000-2500 кg/h
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 30 l
Volume of the fuel tank of the engine 6,5 l
Fuel tank capacity of diesel burner 50 l
Fuel Consumption for Work
Engine 8 l/h
Burner (diesel EcoFlam, Italy) no more than 8÷10 l/h
Heating temperature of mixture 120-180 ºС
Towing speed 20 кm/h
Overall dimensions, mm
Width 2400 мм
Height 2190 мм
Length (in transport position): 3800 (5900) мм

The main technical parameters of the power unit:

The name Value
engine's type Gasoline
Operating voltage on diesel burner 220 V
Voltage of the generator 12V
Rated power of the generator 0,7 kW
Engine speed 3000 rev. / Min
Pressure in the discharge line is not more than 20 MPa
Pressure in the drain line 0.05 MPa
Nominal filtering fineness 25 microns
Mixing drum loading volume 0,6 m / cube
Permissible operating ambient temperature -10…+30 °С
Medium: minimum, maximum
The maximum allowable heating of the oil in the tank +70 °С
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